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Sunday, December 08, 2019
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If flashing lights and excitement is what you are after then Bet Trader delivers! Grid and ladder interface.

BetTrader Evolution for Betfair

BetTrader Evolution is the most cutting-edge Betfair betting and trading platform on the market today. This state-of-the-art software application displays live updating Betfair markets from within your internet browser in a choice of intuitive, feature packed trading interfaces with blazing fast bet submission and a full range of trading tools.

Linux Mac Betfair Application

Multi-platform software

Offering Multi-platform support — Windows, popular variants of Linux and Mac OSX to follow — BetTrader Evolution is now available to any computer user. The sofware renders in your internet browser (Google Chrome recommended) allowing total freedom to break away from the confines of a software enviroment and even the ability to run across a local network.

Superior Trading Technology

Clearly accepted as the market leader, BetTrader's browser based technology offers superior performance and exceptional stability in a well-designed, user-friendly layout that is unlike anything else you have ever used. Being the only browser based Betfair trading application on the market, its ease of use and modern design has firmly established it as the standard by which all other trading applications are compared.

Transform your Performance

Whether you bet or trade on Betfair, and no matter which sports markets you prefer, BetTrader will transform your performance and vastly improve your user experience on the world's largest
betting exchange.

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