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BetBot Pro
Sunday, December 08, 2019
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BetBot Pro is the ideal software to place bets whilst you are away from your computer. Profit whilst you work?

What is BetBot Pro?

This software will place your bets for you at a predetermined time before the race starts. It will then only place the bet if the odds are with in the range you set and certain conditions are met.

You can decide on various staking plans to use such as fixed level stakes, % of bank, fixed liability & % bank liability. You can also choose to recover a loss over the next few races. ie. 25% of the loss over the next 4 races.

Other great features include stop loss and stop profit levels. These settings allow the bot to stop when either your stop loss amount is triggered or you reach your profit target for the day.

Greyhounds are notoriously difficult to predict so all you need is a few of these to lose and you're on your way to raking in daily cash. There is normally racing everyday from 11am until 10pm with 60+ races.


Simulation Mode

Some people like a simulation mode and some don't. There is an argument that says simulations will never replicate the real thing and can be dangerous. You may learn bad habits or be over-confident. Remember - if the simulation seems to be successful this does not mean trading in the real world will work out as well.

However, BetBot Pro has a simulation mode.

BetBot Pro Simulation

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Feature List

Here are just some of the amazing new features that this automated Betfair bot offers:

  • Place Back OR Lay bets on UK/US/AUS/RSA Horses & UK/AUS Greyhounds
  • Choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th favourites OR individual and multiple selections
  • Determine your min & max odds acceptable
  • Place bet 10sec-10min before the race start
  • Number of runners filter
  • Multiple staking plan options
  • Below Betfair min bets
  • % back/lay ratio filter
  • Unsettled bets allowed filter
  • Max loss, Max profit limits
  • Export results to csv/Excel
  • View previous days results with the date log
  • Simulation mode - test strategies with out using real money



Free Trial

There is currently a 5 day FREE trial of BetBot Pro. Click HERE



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