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MarketFeeder Pro for Betfair
Sunday, January 19, 2020
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MarketFeeder Pro



MarketFeeder Pro is a great piece of software for automating and implementing your ideas.

MarketFeeder ProWhat makes MarketFeeder Pro unique software?

  • It has all automated trading features combined in one betting bot. Auto-Greenup, Auto-Dutching, triggered betting, stop-loss functions are gathered in one application. You do not need to pay extra to use any of these functions.
  • It has a convenient, yet very sophisticated interface. You can configure it to display all the market data you want to see. Or you can make it compact and easy to watch. The numerous settings and options available will give you the feeling of complete control over the software.
  • Its Triggered Betting tools allow you to make your betting strategies work on you without your actual presence in front of your monitor. You can give MarketFeeder Pro a set of simple instructions what do to and how to bet, and leave it working on its own, following your own plan.
  • If you are used to making calculations in Excel, you can add double value to your every day trading. Though having Excel is not required to run MarketFeeder Pro, you can certainly use it as an option. Connect your formulas to MarketFeeder Pro, and connect MarketFeeder Pro with all the market data to your spreadsheets. Enjoy the interactions between the two applications, build your own betting macros and export account statement into Excel!
  • It has a built-in chat room where you can talk to other users online! Discuss and share your ideas between peers.


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